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goingsoft: WLAN and in-room entertainment

Networked hotel rooms, networked healthcare facilities and easy Internet use for guests and residents have gone from a bold vision to reality in recent years. This is also thanks to our goingsoft.

With our secure WLAN and innovative entertainment solutions, we are laying the foundations for mobile Internet use and efficient in-house marketing.

This deliberate focus enables us to develop solutions perfectly tailored to our customers.

Work at goingsoft is characterised by goal orientation, constructive teamwork and the will to permanently improve processes and products.
All solutions from our comprehensive solution portfolio are planned, designed, developed and improved by us at the St. Johann in Tirol site.


product highlights


Powerful TV solution for the hotel industry

  • Professional hotel TV - the smart TV for the hotel industry
  • Intuitive operation
  • Customised information solutions through modular design
  • A targeted sales channel by advertising special offers or promotions
  • Central management of all TV sets in your property

Digital Signage

Digital signage and visual communication

  • Innovative digital signage solution
  • Playback of various multimedia content
  • Digital signage system
  • Visual communication with the client


HOTAINMENT mobile – with sharemagazines

Digital reading circle

  • Digital reading circle with over 400 daily newspapers and magazines
  • Directly integrated into our HOTAINMENT mobile, APP & TV solution
  • Perfect service for residents and visitors
  • Reimbursable by PKV

WLAN management, security & billing with netcontrol 365

goingsoft netcontrol 365

  • In-house development by goingsoft - 100% service & support quality
  • Flexible platform for professional WLAN management
  • Tailor-made for every size of business
  • Modular design

WiFi networking via existing TV cabling (COAX)

Without conversion in every room

  • Comprehensive WLAN and network for every room
  • No conversion work required: we use the existing cabling
  • Up to 700 Mbps bandwidth
  • Simple, safe, fast & inexpensive

who we help

we develop reliable wifi solutions for your industry